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Academic Counseling

OIC’s counseling staff provides individual and group career and educational counseling. The counseling staff advocates for students. Our counseling staff works with other service providers and organizations to promote the academic and vocational objectives of our students. The counseling staff will help you evaluate your abilities, inventory your career interests, utilize your talents to develop realistic academic and career goals.

Counseling staff provide:

  • Academic and career interest assessments
  • Career pathway guidance
  • Job search support
  • Barrier removal assistance

Career Counseling

OIC provides career development services. Counselors use individual counseling sessions, group workshops, independent research to help students create their career pathways. Students can participate in resume writing workshops, mock interviews, and team building exercises to strengthen their job readiness skills.

OIC’s career counseling staff offers transition support for students who want to continue their education or vocational training at a college or a trade school.

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